IK History

Our clients, big and small, demand that we perform or they wouldn’t be our clients.  So as neighbors in this community, our reputation, our character, is on the line with every new challenge we take on.

Unique because of our difference, we’re not your average network solutions provider.  We engineer, design, build and manage IP based wired and wireless solutions and the systems that power them.

In the early 1900’s, IK partnered with General Electric to sell appliances like refrigerators (disruptive technology for the ice delivery folks). As electricity proliferated, IK dug a lot of holes, set a lot of poles and connected people. Today, the disruptive force of the internet and the cloud on organizational efficiency is no different.

Trendy words like convergence and integration actually apply to us. “Power over Ethernet” (PoE) says it all, and all the systems we provide are migrating to IP. One of them is IP Telephony (IPT): Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and it’s coming to a phone near you. The advanced IP network, and redundant electrical power that enables it, can streamline and secure your operation. Cloud computing will super-charge your communications in ways difficult to imagine!

Virtual private networking (VPN), wireless IP video, secure voice, video, data integration. Purposefully, we observed these “bleeding edge” technologies while plenty of enemies have been made by others in their early implementation. Instead, we have patiently awaited the development of these applications and closely monitored their ROI while preparing organizations for the arriving wave. Trust us; the time for converged wired and wireless IP network solutions is NOW, and like refrigerators, we are certified by the “best in class” vendors – multiple ones – to give you options. Here for the long haul, we are very careful not to promise what we cannot deliver.

Our name has never changed. We are the opposite of a restructured telco coming in to run your network because we respond in a way that they simply CANNOT at a fraction of their overhead and therefore their price.

No contract or temporary, revolving employees, no third party mysteries, no salesperson with resources in a far away land. We self-perform the vast majority of our services; and the versatility of our people, individuals learning new skill-sets, has been the key to our prolonged existence.

Thanks for checking us out on the web, your feedback is welcome and your consideration of IK Network Solutions is appreciated.

Working With IK Network Solutions