Why Dell Servers

An essential part of Dell's IT portfolio, Dell PowerEdge servers have set the industry standard for simplifying operations, driving leading-edge price performance and delivering business relevant IT solutions. Dell's award-winning servers easily integrate with one another - and with other leading enterprise software products - to help reduce complexity and maximize IT resources.

Whether you need systems designed exclusively for your small businesses or enterprise-class data center, Dell has the right servers to fit your business and budget enabling you to get all your systems from a single vendor.


Blade Servers

Dell PowerEdge Blade Servers offer density without compromise. Dell blade servers are simpler, faster, cooler.

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Rack Servers

Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers maximize productivity while offering industry leading performance and efficiency in a rack form factor.

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Tower Servers

Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers are designed for flexibility, scalability and outstanding price performance.

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PowerEdge C Servers

Businesses that need hyperscale-inspired performance and efficiency.

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Rack Infrastructure

Businesses that need to consolidate IT hardware and optimize space with secure and manageable rack enclosures.

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