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Improving employee productivity is a growing concern around the world — it is actually among the top three concerns for many countries, including U.S., Italy, China, India, Russia, Turkey and Brazil 1 . Dell, along with Intel and Microsoft, is helping to make the most of the new mobile landscape with solutions that help with productivity on and off the job.

Can you afford lost productivity, wasted time and money?

The money “saved” by keeping older PCs in service can impact the productivity of small businesses in a variety of ways:

  • Not allowing employees to get work done in a timely manner and increasing downtime
  • Money lost as a result of higher maintenance costs
  • PCs older than three years are 4.5x more likely to experience a hard drive failure, which greatly hampers productivity 2
Productivity in the Mobile Ecosystem

Enabling a truly mobile workforce requires more than just modern laptops. You have to have an infrastructure that enables the right degree of connectivity to ensure productivity.

So if your goal is to improve productivity, what do you need to do?

View the ecosystem diagram to find out.

View the Ecosystem Diagram


One of the biggest potential barriers to business productivity is aging hardware. In fact, nearly 40% of PCs in small businesses are more than three years old 3 . These older systems can diminish productivity, increase downtime and raise maintenance costs — not to mention pose a security risk.

Dell hardware can be customized to meet your needs with a variety of productivity-boosting features, including available features 4 that help you:

Dell PCs Feature 2nd Generation Intel Core vPro Processors

Work in more places
  • Long battery life for improved uptime
  • Mobile broadband to give you anywhere connectivity at high speeds
  • Fast charging thanks to Dell ExpressCharge™, which lets you recharge to 80% of battery life in one hour
Work faster and better
  • Backlit keyboards for typing in low-light environments — with dedicated number keypads for more efficient data entry
  • The latest fast memory — enabling your system to handle more tasks all at once for enhanced multitasking
Work in new ways
  • Built-in webcams and microphones for effective communication right out of the box
  • High-definition, anti-glare display for optimum viewing
  • A Dell reseller can help match your budget to the productivity features that are most valuable to your organization
  • Dell Latitude Laptops
  • Dell Precision Mobile Workstations
  • Dell Vostro Laptops
Dell Latitude Laptops - for any size business

Ultra-mobile, fully rugged and featuring 2nd-generation Intel Core vPro processors, the new Latitude E-Family of laptops offers enhanced multitasking, high-end graphics, compatibility and efficient manageability that organizations have come to expect. The entire line also offers:

Go-Anywhere Productivity — Long-lasting power and new features help make the mobile workforce’s job easier — at the office or on the road.

Confident Security — Organizations can rest easy, knowing that data is secure wherever the workforce goes.

Efficient Manageability — IT can manage and maintain their fleet of laptops with ease — from planning the refresh and deployment to ongoing maintenance and support.

Built-to-Last Durability — World-class design and durability help the new mobile workforce perform anytime and anywhere.

Download Dell Latitude E-Family 1-Pager

Dell Precision Mobile Workstations - for power users

Our high-performing and scalable systems, Dell Precision workstations offer:

  • Powerful productivity
  • Durable design
  • Software certifications

Dell Precision, targeted primarily for power users who demand high performance, is designed for highly specialized applications such as MCAD, digital content creation, engineering or financial modeling. It is also great for customers who need the assurance of ISV certification.

As the world’s most powerful mobile workstations, the Dell Precision M4600 and M6600 are the only 15.6" and 17.3" mobile workstations that offer both the 2nd-generation Intel Core i7 vPro processor Extreme Edition and 1600MHz system memory options.

Download Dell Precision Family 1-Pager

Dell Vostro Laptops - for small businesses

Serving the distinctive needs of small businesses with greater durability, essential security, better graphics and affordability. Features like 2nd-generation Intel Core processors, Full High Definition webcams, backlit keyboards and fingerprint readers, plus enhanced productivity from software like Microsoft Windows® 7 Professional and Microsoft Office 2010, make the Dell Vostro line of laptops the best choice for today’s value-seeking small businesses. Help increase productivity, strengthen security and enhance manageability of your mobile workforce today.

Download Dell Vostro Family 1-Pager

Selling Dell laptops and desktops is even easier with Dell PC Advisor. It’s an exclusive tool for Partners that helps target your customers’ preferences in hardware, software and components so your product recommendations are closely aligned with their needs.


Dell recommends Windows 7 Professional for our business users.
Learn More About Windows

Dell also recommends Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 for our business users.
Learn More About Office

Simply upgrading your hardware can deliver a significant productivity boost. But the latest software also offers a wide range of productivity boosting features. And since some of these features can only be supported by new hardware, upgrading both is a necessity.

Older systems don’t just sap productivity — they can make it harder to take full advantage of some of today’s advanced software…

There are quite a few other software programs that are designed to help keep mobile workers connected. And Dell has configurations that are perfect for taking advantage of those programs. So no matter what your collaboration needs are, we can help you take advantage of:

  • Video calling and conferencing — such as Office Live Meeting or Skype™
  • Presentation tools — like those in Office Live Meeting and Windows™ Live
  • Real-time content sharing — available through Microsoft OneNote
  • Collaboration and file sharing — using Microsoft SharePoint and Office 2010

There are more and more ways for the latest software to help improve productivity — and upgrading to the latest hardware gives you the best opportunity to take advantage of them.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

For example, rich media and collaboration are everywhere — The ways we communicate and collaborate are richer and more complete than ever before. And businesses are increasingly adopting these new technologies to gain a competitive advantage. In fact, a third of Skype’s 405 million members use the technology for business, and 38% of U.S. Internet users watch educational videos 10.

But it isn’t just rich media. Multitasking needs are also growing — using these new collaboration tools doesn’t mean abandoning old tools. New productivity tools are used alongside traditional tools like email, spreadsheets, word processing and so on. In fact, the constant flow of new technology (both business and consumer) is changing the expectations of PC users — making them believe that they should be capable of doing even more things all at once.

Add to that the fact that the mobile workforce is expanding — more than 50% of small business workers are mobile or work outside of the office 11 — and this number is growing. This increasingly mobile group expects to be able to take full advantage of the latest collaboration tools no matter where they are — from video conferencing to instant messaging to sophisticated ways of sharing documents without creating versioning problems, to advanced tools like Microsoft SharePoint.


Keeping up with the mobile workforce is also about making sure that, if something goes wrong, problems can be resolved quickly to help minimize downtime and keep output high. Dell Partners can offer some great options to help keep you productive, including:

  • Dell Pro Support
  • Asset & Data Protection Services
  • How to Support

On-site break/fix options:

  • Dell-delivered: Dell dispatches a technician to repair hardware issues onsite
  • Partner-delivered: Customers can designate a Partner as their “Customer-Appointed Service Provider” (does not include Dell EMC, Dell EqualLogic and Dell Compellent™ storage platforms)
  • Self-service: Customer gets assistance through Dell Online Self Dispatch

Accidental Damage Service Repair or replace damaged notebook after a drop or liquid spill, so employees can get back to work

Extended Battery Service Maintain productivity by protecting battery life longer

Hard Drive Data Recovery Help recover lost or damaged data from a failed hard drive

Provide end users with assistance so they can access the network and use the applications they need